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YogaSleep Travelcube

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White Noise machine
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Product Description


Fall asleep faster and mask distracting noises with the Yogasleep Travelcube Portable Sound Machine. Featuring six sound options including white noise, brown noise, nature sounds, and a soothing lullaby. Play the portable sound machine all night long or set the auto-off timer with three timer options: 30 minutes, one hour, or two hours. 
The portable and compact white noise machine fits in any suitcase, backpack, handbag, or nappy bag. Easy to operate with a simple and user-friendly interface. Makes a unique gift for baby showers, wedding registries, corporate gifting, and more. Yogasleep (formerly Marpac) has 50+ years of making the best white noise machines for home, baby, and work.

  • Dohm
  • White Noise
  • Brown Noise
  • Rain
  • Ocean surf
  • Lullaby

Better sleep on-the-go: 
Effectively masks noises that may disturb or distract for improved sleep for adults, babies, and children

Six sound settings plus sleep timer: 
Sound options include white noise, brown noise, nature sounds, and a calming lullaby. 
Set the optional sleep timer to 30 minutes, one hour, or two hours

Unbeatable quality: 
For over 50 years, Yogasleep has been the gold standard for white noise machines. 

No batteries needed: 
Rechargeable battery powered by USB cord (included) and runs for up to 8 hours on a single charge (power adapter not included). It is intended to be used as a portable machine. Please do not leave the unit plugged into power for an extended period of time as this can damage the internal rechargeable battery. It is recommended that you only use the USB cord provided with your Travelcube. Using any other cord can result in damaging your unit and/or does not provide sufficient power to run your unit. We suggest popping a sticker/marker on your Travelcube cord so you can differentiate between other USB cords you may have in your household.

Modern look: 
Features a sleek and modern grey and white design

  • Charge time - 4 hours
  • Run time - up to 8 hours
This unit comes with a charge cord which must be used to charge the unit. Run times varies depending on use and if the unit has been fully charged.

RRP: $69.95


  • Masks noise
  • Sleek and portable design
  • 6 sounds including brown noise and white noise
  • Has built in sleep timer
  • Sound samples in the how to use section below

Sizing Information

Size Chart

Volume in decibels - 

  • 76.0 dBA at 12 inches (30.5cm)
  • 67.1 dBA at 6 feet (1.83m)



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